Her current research interest explores innovative imaging techniques for documenting cultural heritage (photogrammetry, multispectral imaging) for institions of the arts

BAROQUE GALERIE et al., Co-founder & Curator / 2018 - 2019

KU LEUVEN, BE – MA Medieval & Renaissance Studies / 2015 - 2016
SUNY EMPIRE STATE COLLEGE, NY – Art History / 2013 - 2015
FASHION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, NY – Photography / 2010 - 2012

︎Group Exhibitions (selection)
OPEN EXPO – Kadoc Chapel, BE / 2016
BAC ATELIER SLOTEVENT – Bac Atelier Art Lab, BE / 2016
LABO SHOW - Opek, BE / 2016

FACULTY STARS – Faculteit Letteren KU Leuven, BE / 2015 - 2016

Sarah Vitale is a researcher, art historian and visual artist based in New York. Her work seeks to evoke an aesthetic response within the viewer; a cognitive, perspectival spatial sense of self in the context of the architectural space. Uniting the visual arts, the theatre, and architectural monuments, she investigates the treatment of existential space by shaping poetic scenographies that exist on the threshold of illusion and reality. Vitale’s open vistas and portal iconography plays upon the significations of emptiness and longing; the dichotomy between time and memory; the space as idea and as experience – and ultimately the relationship between the observer and the world.

music composition Ryōan-ji by Marta Cascales Alimbau

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